Sizing Guide

Individual Sizes

Many of our items fit the standard UK sizing. These generally range from UK 8 to UK 16. Some items also use the sizing small, medium and Large (information on the sizes covered will be within a products description).

One Size

Many of our items are ‘one size’. This means that they will fit a range of people’s size. With our one size items, depending on your size, they may create an oversized or a more fitted look.  Within an items description there will be guidance on the size range. Please note, this is our opinion and should only be used as a guide.


Our footwear ranges from a UK size 3 to UK size 8. Please read the product description to find out if a footwear item is true to size.

3 - 36

4 - 37

5 - 38

6 - 39

7 - 40

8 - 41


Our clothes are modelled by Karen and Katie who are both UK size 12s and 5ft 5 and 5ft 6.5 respectively.