Everything Excluding Sale Items


      This is an Automated Collection which captures all Products, but EXCLUDES anything which is assigned to a Sale category (i.e. Sale - Clothing, Sale - Footwear, Sale - Accessories).

      *NOTE: Couldn't get the option of "is not equal to" for Product Tag... so instead went with manually adding each Sale item by Title / Name for now, which is a pain if the number of Sale items grows a lot.


      • Can't use "Is Not Equal To" with Product Tag (to exclude Sale items from a Collection)...
      • Can use "Is Not Equal To" with Product Type, however can only have 1 Product Type, and this data field is already depended upon for searching by Product Types (e.g. Dresses, Tops etc.), so that's no good.
      • Can use "Is Not Equal" with Product Tag, and mass-edit all non-Sale items to have a new Product Tag of "Not In Sale", to then create a Collection which has everything which has this Tag (i.e. Excludes anything which doesn't have that new tag).


      Every Product to now be Tagged with either "Not In Sale", or one / many of the various Sale Tags (e.g. Sale - Clothing, Sale - All, All - Sale, etc.), and this specific Collection will now include everything which has the tag of "Not In Sale" - which should mean that it therefore Excludes anything which is a Sale item.

      620 products

      620 products